There is very little doubt that Spain is one of the best destinations to retire. Those seeking beautiful beaches and endless tapas the country is perfect. You are bound to find expats from almost any country living in Spain. Retiring in Spain ensures that you have stunning weather and great healthcare, as well as property at affordable prices. Adding to this, the cost of living in Spain will ensure that your pension goes much further. Here is our complete guide to retiring in Spain.


Spain uses the Euro currency and because of this traveling to other countries will be easier too. Life as a retiree should be one of leisure. You have worked your whole life for the day when you can pack up your bags and travel without having to worry about getting back to work. And life on the Euro makes this so much easier.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Spain is far lower than other countries and adding to this cost saving are literally everywhere. Residents across Spain have access to the best fresh fruit and vegetables not to mention seafood and home-made sauces. These are also healthier options adding to the general well-being of residents living in Spain.

Taking a look at daily life

Weather-wise, living in Spain is a pretty ideal climate for retirees. The area around Barcelona, for example, has an average summer temperature of 24°C. Temperatures across Spain are moderate throughout the year which makes for the best opportunities year-round for picnics, beach visits, and general outings. Spain offers retirees plenty of leisure activities including amazing food and wine, and even hiking and sports. UNESCO World Heritage sites are all around Spain too which make the country great for those who love history. Overall, Spain is a friendly country and friends can often be seen meeting in gardens for leisure picnics.

Visa Requirements

Enlisting the right help can in this regard is vital. While the process is really simple a little help will go a long way. At the moment the UK and Spain are still both members of the EU and this means that the process of British citizens to apply for citizenship is fairly simple. Those who are looking to stay in Spain for more than three months need to register at the Oficina de Extranjeros in the province where they want to live. This is followed by the issuing of a residence certificate. After five years of permanent registration, the applicant will need to apply for a certificate of permanent residency in Spain.

Finally, getting settled

With a process this easy there is little wonder that so many international people find post-career bliss in Spain. Not only are retirees able to find low-cost homes right by the sea, but there is a variety of food pleasure to indulge in, making retirement in Spain something of a permanent holiday. The country is also a bustling hive of active senior citizens. There is little doubt that the Spanish government and people make it easy for expatriates to readjust to life in Spain.